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global educator
passionate stylist


With over a decade in the hair industry, Tia has risen to become a global educator and passionate stylist. Her journey from starting as an apprentice in a quaint village salon to now travelling the globe as one of the UK’s leading educators is nothing short of inspirational. 

After completing her qualifications, learning didn’t stop there for Tia, as her thirst for knowledge led her to seek out education from world-renowned stylists hailing from America, Australia, and Europe. Armed with these new skills and a growing clientele, Tia became self-employed at age 20. Her clients gave creative freedom so Tia could start to develop her own techniques that are still used and loved by her to this day. At this time, she began to receive requests from other stylists to share her knowledge through in-person classes across the UK and Ireland. With her growing social media following on Instagram, demand for her expertise wasn't just limited to the UK; in 2022 Tia found herself jet-setting across the Atlantic to deliver sold-out classes Los Angeles and in 2023, destinations like Australia, Dubai, Arizona and Hawaii. This past year Tia has had the opportunity to collaborate and work with her favourite artists now close friends within the industry, creating the most amazing memories. 

Today, Tia is the proud owner of three thriving businesses: Bay Studios Hair Ltd., her sanctuary in the East Midlands, where she carries out transformations with her clients. With growth came the need for larger premises, providing a supportive and creative hub for other like-minded stylists and allowing Tia to meet the high demand for her in-person classes and host international stylists and influencers. Tia Lambourn Education Ltd., where she holds classes to empower other stylists and share her knowledge. Finally, Tia's online education platform, 'The Blonding Bible,' skyrocketed to success during the pandemic, attracting over 1000 members in its first three months. Over the last 3 years it has become a lifeline for stylists worldwide having access to affordable behind the chair education and gives so many stylists the opportunity of learning her techniques in the comfort of their own homes. 

Tia’s seamless work and undeniable passion has landed her brand ambassador and advocate roles with some of the industry’s leading brands. This is only the beginning of Tia’s journey, she can’t wait to see what memories she will create in the industry in the following decades.

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