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Starting off as a Saturday girl at age 12, Tia got a taste of salon life and knew that’s where she wanted to spend her days. Falling in love with the power of a make over and watching clients confidence soar after getting their dream hair lit a fire in Tia’s belly as she wanted to help as many people feel the same way!

Known for her love for blondes, creating effortless beachy hair that lasts up to 6 months- Tia has created quite the brand for herself, which is now recognised globally by fellow artists. Her huge passion for learning has seen her travel and attend classes with incredible stylists so that she can bring these groundbreaking techniques back to Bay Studios to ensure she can always offer the best to her clients.

Being recognised for her signature blondes, Tia has now found herself teaching her techniques to other passionate stylists, travelling up and down the country as well as over seas to learn and recreate her favourite looks. A real ‘pinch me’ moment for Tia as she had never dreamt of teaching her own classes.

Leaves Shadows


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